it all started with a hair bow

When I was walking home from work last night in the rain I thought to myself, “damn, this coat with a hood was one outstanding purchase.” I was also reflecting on my day at work. Those of you who follow me on twitter already know that I nearly had a mental breakdown at my desk. It was one of “those days” which are becoming more and more frequent.

Then I remembered that I wore a hair bow yesterday. A plaid one. With my black, long-sleeved Rachel Pally dress. Which doesn’t seem too unusual, but where I work everyone deemed this “dressed up”. Yes, I wasn’t wearing jeans. Yes, I need to do laundry. Needless to say, I got a lot more compliments than usual.

And I got to thinking about compliments and their purpose. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for compliments. However, I’m not for needless compliments. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Compliments are like STDs: once somebody gets one, they feel the need to pass it along to multiple people. This results in the “needless comment” phenomena. This phenomena pisses me off.

It goes like this: two girls hate each other and they know they do. One compliments the other and then the other compliments back. Um, why? Because I’m supposed to? To hell with that.

I’ve been known as a bad receiver of compliments which I find to be untrue and unfair. If it’s a legitimate compliment from someone I respect, I graciously accept. If you’re trying to blow smoke up my ass? I’m not into it. I know you talk shit about me and I’m not nearly as stupid as you think. Also, right now, you’re making a fool out of yourself. Why? Because I know this looked good when I put it on. That’s why I’m wearing it.

Why would you waste your time complimenting someone you don’t even like and trying to strike up a conversation? I’m sorry but I don’t have time for that. You shouldn’t either. I think I’m going to make t-shirts. Who’s with me???



what the f wednesday…stalkers up in the hizzy

I think at one time or another we’ve all had a stalker, or maybe have even been a stalker. Hey, I know some of you get your serious stalk on thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, admit it.

While perusing Gawker last night, I came across this lovely tale of some seriously disturbing behavior. I may or may not have a stalker, but he does nothing like David Gray. No, not David Gray the musician. David Gray the analyst from JP Morgan. Sidenote: my boyfriend may work in finance, but he is far too apathetic to stalk anyone. For serious. Anyway, I digress…

David Gray is 28 and he’s married. So I’m going to assume (hopefully I wont make an ass out of you and me) and say that he hasn’t even been married that long. Oh and look at me being all right and shit. Here is their wedding announcement for your viewing pleasure. He meets a hottie at work and decides that he wants to go there. She agrees because he has tons of cash and she has a hobby of being a home wrecker.

Then I guess a switch was flipped and the man that had married far beyond his station in life decided to become a psycho and follow his new piece of tail to another continent, show up in her home and take candlesticks that allegedly belonged to his grandmother. Can you say “freak”? Gawker, being such the sweetie that they are, got their paws on the following bat shit crazy behavior that Gray displayed.

It included, but is not limited to:

  • “At one stage he sent her 176 text messages and 23 emails over just 16 hours”
  • “He even used his key to enter her Onslow Gardens home and take two candlesticks that belonged to his grandmother”
  • “Miss Rausnitz accused him of trying to change his flights so they were on the same aircraft”
  • “His victim told police he planted a tracking device in her phone and hacked her email”
  • “When officers confronted him at a Park Lane Hotel where she was hiding with her family he told them he was an agent for the Israeli secret service”
  • “He collapsed in front of her at Heathrow Airport-–something she accused him of faking and which he said was brought on by stress”
  • “He also admitted claiming falsely that his sister had died and that he was seriously ill in a Paris hospital after an accident.”
  • “Even on the eve of his trial Gray was accused of breaching his bail by turning up at the same Notting Hill restaurant as his former lover.”

Not to mention, they found the most psychotic looking photo of him to use in the article. Mad ups to whomever got their hands on this gem. The devil has red eyes too, right? I also love the play on words. Can’t get enough. Needless to say, I’m fairly certain that Mrs. Gray will be filing for divorce. If she doesn’t she is not too bright.

image via

Happy hump day, readers! Do you have any stalker stories to share?

diy didn’t i buy more yarn?

So far, I’ve been really productive this morning which is quite starling as I’m not a morning person.

I cleaned the kichen, started the dishwasher, made tea, and settled in on the one spot on the couch that isn’t surrounded by the piles of laundry from last night. Maybe I’ve been so productive this morning because I deemed it bed time at 9pm last night? Perhaps.

When my boyfriend woke up, a half hour after me, he asked me if he was in the twilight zone. I responded, in monotone (of course) that “blogging waits for no one.” I think that’s pretty true. The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. Eh, tomato, tomatoe.

In any case, my mother is back to blog stalking the crap out of me. Yesterday I got a text asking why I didn’t tell her I was knitting and that it would make a lovely Christmas gift. Mom, if you’re reading this, listen up. Remember when you said you wanted cashmere scarves and I bought you three and you returned them all because they were “too long” or something equally ridiculous? What makes you think that I can handmade something that will fit your fancy? Also noted, anything that I ever made as a child went straight into the “awww this is so cute, Christin. I’ll put it in my jewelry box (and then it will never see the light of day again!)”.

So I suppose if you pick out your color exactly, because I know I’ll do it wrong, I’ll make you a freaking scarf.

Also, I need more yarn for mine. Newbie, fail. Whatevs, I’m getting more yarn at lunch and I may even swing by the Warby Parker shop in SoHo to peep their goods. I love me some spectacles and sunglasses.


first ever DIY

Please, please, stop clapping. I know I’m awesome. Kidding.

I have a new addiction. It’s quite expensive. It involves needles. Yep, you’ve guessed it: knitting. I learned on Friday and have been knitting up a storm ever since.

This is so out of character for me.

First up? A lovely pumpkin scarf for yours truly.

I’m getting so artsy on instagram. No?

My scarf will definitely have that “DIY” look about it since I’ve screwed up a few times. But what can you do? I’m a newbie.

After knitting for nearly two days straight, I’m almost done. Go me. I’m thinking this will be a snood. Mostly because I just love saying snood. Who doesn’t?

What did you all do this weekend?