taco tuesday

Although I post a lot of sweet treats on this here blog, for every sweet treat that I make, I make like four dinners. However, those dinners are not always awesome (read: chicken strips and fries) so I don’t want to shame myself on the internet and post those.

Last week I made the best purchase ever: a crock pot and I wasted no time breaking it in. I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a while now so I dug right in. It did not disappoint. We’ve been eating tacos since Thursday. Not everyday, but a lot.

I garnished mine with a little pico, cabbage and some avocado (not pictured) but my boyfriend did the usual garnishes: sour cream, cheese & salsa.

You should make this. Especially since it takes so little effort.

change is good

Very, very soon you’re going to see some changes around here. Changes that I am extremely excited about. Like squealing excited. Some (okay, like four) of you know what these changes are.

I want you all to know that this isn’t something that I rushed into or acted compulsively on. I feel that, in a way, I’ve outgrown the title of this blog. Because really, I’m not that mean and being mean isn’t what defines me.

That being said, this blog isn’t moving! It’s staying right here but will have a new URL. If you follow via GFC or bloglovin’ you should be set. If you’re an rss’er, it should automatically update the URL in your feed, if not, you may need to adjust it manually.

I promise I won’t ever stop being the funniest person you ‘know’.

five things with across the pond

I usually think this whole “kindred spirits” talk is total crap but when I found Megan’s blog, I was utterly certain that my parents had another daughter and put her up for adoption or that I was put up for adoption. She is hilarious and her boyfriend is Irish so she makes him say things like “top of the mornin’ to ya”. You cannot beat that.  Not to mention she is a former model turned neuroscientist.

Basically what I’m saying here is that if you like my blog you will love Megan’s. So be sure to stop by and say hello or just stalk around for a while.

1. I am allergic to caffeine. It took me YEARS to figure this out…partially do to denial because I love coke and caramel frappucinos…But the hard truth is that I am allergic..as in it makes me really tired and sick to my stomach for hours after intake. You can feel sorry for me.

2. I was born and raised in Los Angeles…like at cedars Sinai hospital..home of the baby stars…so I’m sorta famous because I was probably born in the same room as Suri Cruise.

3. I bite my nails. Its a horrible habit. But I cant stop.

4. In high school, I was a sport medicine trainer…a.k.a I didn’t want to do PE so I opted to be a trainer which meant I got to hang out with all of the varsity football players when I was a sophomore. I would wrap their ankles, massage their backs, and bring them water. It was one of the more genius moves I ever made to get out of PE.

5. I grew up celebrating both Hanukkah AND Christmas. I know. We were that family.

you are not going faster than a mile a minute

If you haven’t seen the video below, please take a few minutes out of your day to make yourself feel like a genius and catch up with the rest of us for the discussion (aka me giving my opinions) below. Thank you.

Obviously, I have a few questions.

a. Um, who is the idiot here, her or the man quizzing her who MARRIED her?
b. If they are still married, why?
c. She must be amazing at something.
d. How the shit do you not know what MPH is?
e. It has nothing to do with how fast you run, you do realize this, right?
f. Why couldn’t you figure out that you would travel 80 miles going 80mph in ONE hour. NOT 30 minutes???

That being said, I think she is a very, very special girl. And I would divorce anyone who made me look like a fool on the internet. It’s a good thing I can’t marry myself, because then I would obviously need to file for divorce.

And I think this is a good time to introduce a new segment that we’ll have here on the blog called “a genius asks and above average person questions”. The genius is my boyfriend and I’m the above average person. I need to go get my learn on.