things i’m afriad to tell you

I had originally planned on doing this post on Tuesday but for various reasons, namely this one, that just didn’t happen. So after much thought, and a bit of enticement from fellow bloggers, I have decided to take this in a different direction. 
It isn’t because I’m making light of the sometimes very personal facts that some of my fellow bloggers have shared, but because I think that as bloggers, we own these blogs and it is up to us to share what we want. We are not mandated to share our entire lives since we decided to post our thoughts on the internet.
And if anyone was going to do this, it was obviously going to be me. Here goes nothing.
 I’m afraid to tell you…
More about myself on the blog because I might scare off people with my pure awesomeness
Sometimes I’m afraid to go into the basement for fear of running into the lady that wears a camping light on her head
That I’ve never been able to say “Bloody Mary” the third time into the mirror
At Thanksgiving one year I was asked to pray and I recited, word for word, the prayer from Meet the Parents
I do not discriminate when it comes to dessert, ever
Although everyone loves Starbucks, it is always my last choice because I actually think it really, really sucks
My last name can be described in two words: bad ass
I judge everyone who wears Crocs and carries a Coach bag with the logo all over it. No, the two are not mutually exclusive 
Hope none of you are too terribly offended. #sorryimnotsorry

off to a good start…

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Houston had a few problems with take-off. 

Of course the alarm didn’t get turned off yesterday morning and there is no way that I was late to my first day of work. Oh wait, that happened.


I am never late. Ever. It’s my thing. But of course on the day that it would matter the most to be on time, I was not. So things were off to a great start as I scurried around the apartment, trying to find something quasi-cute to wear and get ready in a span of ten minutes.

Good to know I can get ready in ten minutes.

My first day at my new job was amazing. I mean, if you don’t take into account that I didn’t have a desk until noon, but I’m going to overlook that because it was so not a big deal.

However, for the record, I am using this as a big reason why I need new night stands and my own alarm clock. 

up, up, and away

Today I am traveling from the Golden State to the Empire State. So odds are, I’m in some wicked ridiculous situation because that’s how I do.

Also, I have a layover in one of America’s least traveler-friendly airports: Long Beach so that is very exciting. This is what I think about not having a jet yet:

Four-year-old Christin just wants to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos and be left alone!

But what is really exciting is that tomorrow I start my new job at BaubleBar. Hopefully I’ll get some decent rest tomorrow and all the excitement will propel me through the rest of this week!

Hopefully we all have a wonderful week. Or I’ll have to re-create the above photo.

five things with a simple affair

What do Irish dance and eye patches have in common? One most beautiful blogger named Carly. Before we even had the pleasure of meeting in person (eeek!), I knew we would be best friends forever. You see, Carly gets me and she herself is a real character. She is funny, not as funny as me obviously, she is a mean DIYer, her blog is the bomb dot com, and she’s blonde. Everything that I could possibly want in life. Oh and the Irish dancing. I love to make music. I wanna do that. Carly, wanna teach me? It could be community service, or the opposite of that because I would surely be an annoyance.

Okay, enough about Carly and I having fun and onto her five things!

1. I will only eat tomatoes if they’re diced, preferably in the form of pico de gallo and/or guacamole. I really hate them when they’re sliced so they are never allowed on my sandwiches. No thank you. Stay away.

2. Some of you have already been lucky enough to view some snapshots of my old glory days and know about my good looks.  I have had glasses for a whopping 21 years.  Glasses for little nuggets were not on the market when I was two.  There were also eye patches involved throughout these years as well, but none of that will ever appear on the internet.

3. In high school, I took a lovely gym class called Lifetime Sports, and you’ll never guess what I learned. I am TERRIBLE at every single lifetime sport. Tennis? Bad. Golf? It ain’t pretty. Curling? Let’s just say, I am not meant to be on ice. I must start working on hand-eye coordination because I cannot Irish dance forever that’s for sure.

4. Speaking of Irish dance, I have been dancing for 17 years and yes, yes the curly hair is a wig.  I did have to curl it with sponge rollers until I was 12 {thanks Mom}.  When we danced on Good Morning America, Charlie Gibson shook my hand after the performance, and I believe our dialogue went a little something like this, Charlie: “Wow, you sure do get sweaty!” Me, frazzled: “Thank you?” Oh the memories…

5.  I am that person who will read the end of the book to find out the ending first.  Well not always first. I’ll wait until I get to that really intense part, and then that’s when I go to the back of the book.  I also once bribed my sister to tell me the ending of a movie because I wanted to know so badly.

Stop by and show Carly some love today, she graduates from college this weekend! I am so proud of you, Carly!!!