narrow nightstands…woof

I’m not going to tell the internet that for the past year I’ve lived with a mattress on the floor, like in the stereotypical frat house. Or how we haven’t had night stands in the same time.

Which means that I can’t tell you that I’m trying to find narrow night stands. Easy enough, right? Well you’re obviously out of touch. This shit is dificil.

But, don’t you worry, I’ve done all the leg work and narrowed it down to three choices. All from the same place, which is not a big shocker.

Up first in the number one slot we have the Adams Nightstand, which I think is really nice and I like that it has one drawer and is open. My mother can attest to ratio of drawers at my disposal to the amount of useless shit I have. So keeping it simple is muy bueno.

In second place, is the Silhouette Nightstand. I like the lines on this one and that it could possibly double as a table if I win the lottery or my boyfriend gets a promotion and we move to a more deluxe apartment in the sky. However, it’s a bit on the large side for the space we have.

Last but not least, there is the Hudson. Clearly this is the most expensive. I like how tall and lean this bad boy is, however I do not love how much it costs. And, I know me, this will be full of crap before you can yell “Christin Leann! If you had a brain, you’d take it out and play with it!”

I love this one but I didn’t picture it because well, it can go to hell with how much it is. Last I checked, I wasn’t a millionaire. Also, this one is really nice too.

So what do you think? Obviously it’s sort of hard to judge because I haven’t told you any of this.

diva of the district

Just when I thought America couldn’t get any dumber, I learned about Mindy Meyer. Who is Mindy Meyer? Just a 22-year-old Conservative Republican running for New York State Senate…complete with hot pink, glitter and leopard print.


This girl is ridiculous. She is the reason why I am questioning whether or not to procreate. There is no guarantee that my daughter would not grow up to be a total assclown like this girl.

The screen shot below is straight from her site, which actually looks a lot less professional than this here blog you’re looking at. 

Are we seriously talking about Hunger Games as it relates to real fucking life!? Also, this cannot be her stance on poverty and unemployment since it appears that her job at Lisa Frank hasn’t prepared her well for the real world. Obviously campaigning in hot pink blazers with too much eyeliner is the mark of a serious candidate.

Diva of the district? Or soon to be laughing stock of the district? The final nail in the coffin that is Mindy’s ridiculousness is the LMFAO song that plays on her site. I can’t. Make it stop. 

I bet her parents think she’s special.

***All images via her website…yes I’m dead serious.

watermelon pops: two ways

What better way to cheer you up on Monday than taunting you with sweet treats I made this past weekend? I can’t think of a better way either!

So I got a zoku because I do what I want and I could hardly wait to take it for a spin. I bought the People’s Pops cookbook and can’t wait to try all the recipes in it. However, for my maiden voyage, I decided to just keep it simple and make two variations of the same thing for quality control purposes.

You don’t want to try to hit it out of the park right from the start. That’s like when you want to make an ombre cake and realize you’re missing a ton of ingredients but do it anyway. No, this is not a true story.

watermelon + lime (left) watermelon +basil (right)

Besides the radio for the simple syrup, I didn’t use a recipe. I just sort of winged it because the People’s Pops recipes are for 10 pops and I only wanted to make two. So you do the math on that. Plus, my mathematician was napping and I’m not great at fractions. 

Watermelon + Lime Pops
1/4 cup pureed watermelon (I wizzed it in the food processor)
3-4 teaspoons of lime simple syrup
 – I just steeped some cut limes in the hot syrup

Watermelon + Basil Pops
1/4 pureed watermelon
3-4 teaspoons of basil simple syrup

I ate the basil one first and was pleasantly surprised. However, I’d add more basil to my syrup next time for a stronger flavor. The lime one is the and I reeeeeeaaalllyyy want to add some tequila to that bad boy. 

dolla, dolla billz, y’all

In continuing the “tips for blogging success” let’s chat about money, shall we?

Oh, we shall.

Here’s the thing, what you do with your money is none of my business, just like what I do with mine (namely wipe my ass with it because I have so much) is none of yours. However, you make it my business. How? You complain about it. You talk about it. You tweet it. Facebook it. Instagram it.

You’re making me care so much I want to kill you.

Maybe your parents didn’t teach you any better, so let me. You do not talk about money. It is not proper. Got it? Keep your financial shit to yourself. It’s mostly just annoying.


You are 21 and in college, mc riddle me how you’re affording all those Chanel bags and Loubs? Who do I need to blow to get that? Or how much credit card debt do I need to be in?

I think you need to realize that. Most people have a shit ton of debt. A.K.A. they will be paying for that entire shopbop order for the next 5 years. Which is really, really smart. You should take a class on compound interest and fully understand how incredibly hard you’re screwing yourself. Because it is ridiculous.

Honestly, no one cares and we don’t want to care. So stop putting it in my face so I have to write posts about how freaking annoying you all are.