the search for the headless horseman

This past Saturday we hopped on the glorious Metro North and went upstate. But just a bit. About 30 minutes outside the city lies a legendary town known as Sleepy Hollow.

When we set out on this journey, I thought we were going to an apple orchard for fall fun. You know, I like to do what I want to do. It wasn’t until we were in Sleepy Hollow that I was told what we were doing. If you know me, you know I like to know what the hell is going on. If you know my boyfriend, you know he likes to be spontaneous. We’re pretty much the exact same person, aside from this one ginormous difference.

So after a long ass walk up a big ass hill we arrived in the quaint town of Sleepy Hollow, New York.

sleepy hallow, new yotkObviously, as a town, they are apeshit for Halloween so it was definitely fun to see all the decorations. They had scarecrows on every corner and Jack in the main little square area. There was a haunted house that seemed more than legit. Obviously we did not go to said haunted house for fear I’d pee my pants and then follow it up with an aneurism.

sleepy hallow bridge

The town and cemetery were quite idyllic  especially with all of the foliage changing. It was really beautiful and serene in the garden of death. If you go here you need to know that the maps they hand out may as well be written in Chinese because that’s how helpful they are. We wandered around that place looking for freaking Andrew Carnegie for what seemed like forever. And when we found Elizabeth Arden, she wasn’t even there. Like…she had no marker. So I call bullshit. However, the Queen of Mean is buried there in the most extravagant mausoleum I ever did see. Obviously, I paid homage.

fall foliage

What did you do this past weekend?



roasted tomato soup & cheddar crackers

Yesterday, I got a little carried away in the kitchen and lost all steam by 5pm. I desperately needed a nap but it was time to start dinner. No rest for the weary, my friends. Let’s just say that if “girlfriend” was a video game, I’d have the high score.


The soup was delicious but the crackers? The crackers were extraordinary. So extraordinary that my boyfriend thinks I should sell them. That probably isn’t going to happen, but it’s a nice thought, right?

If you make one thing this week, it needs to be these crackers. They’re cheesy and flaky and just the most delicious thing this side of preservative-filled Cheez-its that a human will ever know.

I used this recipe for the tomato soup and made one modification. The craptastic grocery store I go to didn’t have roma tomatoes so I was forced into buying “on the vine” tomatoes. East Coast tomatoes < West Coast Tomatoes. 

I adapted the cracker recipe a bit, because I don’t like to follow directions. I did not use unsalted butter and I used extra-sharp, local white cheddar. I also didn’t make half chili-flavored because I didn’t have any chili powder, go figure.



cleaning products: kitchen edition

My guest post for Grace this week got some people asking me about my natural cleaning products. Instead of writing a really freaking long post that you won’t even read, I decided to split it into rooms. I think this makes me most sense.

I try to keep it simple, especially in the kitchen, because sometimes I am lazy. Sometimes is code for most times so if I had too many steps, it would not happen.

all natural cleaning productsdishes // counter tops // everything else

This is the best dish soap next to Dawn and since I don’t use Dawn or even look at it with a side eye, we use this. It is good. you should use it. I may or may not be a germaphobe so I love that this method cleaner is antibacterial  I use this shiz all over the counter tops and it works well to clean the stove because it cuts grease. As far as other surfaces (cabinets, coffee makers, oven doors, dishwasher doors, toaster ovens) are concerned, I use the all purpose cleaner.

See, its not so bad. Right? If nothing else, just use the green cleaners because they smell better and have prettier packaging.

fall in the city

It really happened. Unlike our neighbors to the West, fall is here in New York. I have mixed emotions but having an excuse to buy boots, sweaters, scarves and hats is consoling me a bit.

nyc fallvia

Like…where did October go? I feel like it’s almost Thanksgiving and then it’s Winter. I don’t get it. Can we put this thing on pause?

What are your fall plans for the weekend? I definitely want to get out and enjoy the last few “outside activity” days in NYC before its freezing balls outside. Also, since you can’t get enough of me, I’m guest posting for Heidi while she’s enjoying the lovely California weather!