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Who said all fashion posts had to be serious? Well, I guess one blogger did sort of pioneer that. But hey, we can all be awkward in our own ways. So the other day, I said “hey, why not!?” and decided to be a little weird. You know, just to keep things spicy around here. Also, I had no idea my hair was this dark. We’re going to have to do something about that.

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bright pink and patterned skirtchambray, sweater, skirt, watch (similar), tights, (not pictured – these)

We can just pretend that my hair was blowing like that on purpose and that I wasn’t standing in the middle of a wind tunnel. To warm myself up? A dance, of course!


How awkward is this shit? Obviously,  I have no shame. And yes, there were passersby. Also, get excited because I’m showing you how to style the sweater and chambray a totally different way on Friday. Hooray!

photos by the amazing Lydia Hudgens



slowing down.

I’ve been struggling with the thought of this for quite some time. Since December, to be exact. As much as I hate vague blog posts, here it goes.

The frequency to which I post here is going to slow down, a lot. Maybe to just two to three posts per week. I know this is not a very popular idea for a blogger, let alone someone like me. I can’t do things without doing them perfectly. I just can’t. If I’m going to do something, I have to do it well or I don’t even want to do it so this decision has not been rash by any means. It’s just something I need to do, for me.

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Having a full-time job is a lot, having a blog is basically a second full-time job and then….well, there’s life. And sometimes life gets in the way. Right now, for me, it’s really important that I remove as much stress as I can and believe it or not, I stress out a lot about this little blog here (SHOCKER).

I will give you quality of posts over quantity of posts and I hope you will enjoy it. If you don’t, well screw you. I thank you all in advance for bearing with me while I change things up around here. I also wanted to thank you all for all your support during these past few months, it’s really meant the world to me.

For everyone that is annoyed that this post is vague, I stand by my belief that not everything needs to be shared on the internet.

And as a special treat, because I know you love them, this week I’m doing two outfit posts. You’re welcome.


pattern on pattern

It’s been a little chilly here in the NYC lately but the sun coming out this past weekend was a real treat especially since no matter how long I live on the East Coast, a proper winter temperature will always be 60 degrees. I wasted no time breaking out my favorite new piece from the GAP and prancing around in the park. You know how I do.

christin of

christin of

sweater // top (so old) but this and this could be really cute // jeans // booties // bracelet

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christin of

It’s funny when it’s windy right?

christin from

I’m thinking “why are those birds so close to me!” I hate birds. Well, just when they’re around me. You see, I’m terrified of being pooped on. It’s an actual phobia of mine. Judge if you must.

photography by Lydia Hudgens

new beauty faves

As much as I love trying new products, I definitely hesitate to when I think I’ve found my favorite of any one thing. That could be a cleanser, a mascara or even lip balm. But a few weeks ago I ventured out of my comfort zone and scored some new great products that I knew I had to share with you.



one // two // three // four 

I love High Beam by Benefit, but slowly but surely I’ve been replacing all my cosmetics with natural ones and I love this highlighter by BareMinerals. If you’re planning to use it as I do, a general highlighter, I don’t recommend using the brush for application but using your fingertip.

It was really hard for me to venture out of my current nightly routine, but this face oil by Tarte is the best I’ve tried. It’s amazing. I could not recommend it more. Could not.

Sometimes I’m lazy. Those same times I don’t feel like washing my face and these wipes don’t dry my skin and leave it squeaky clean. I love them .

I’m not a big lipstick gal, but I went out on a limb and picked up this Tarte lip tint and I’m so glad I did. I tried the one by Smashbox but the one by Tarte is so amazing. It’s hydrating and leaves my lips the perfect shade of pink! I also love that it’s more like a lip balm than gloss.

Have you all tried any amazing products lately?