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***please, everyone, read this post***

I apologize in advance for the turn to serious town but I have a favor to ask of you. Dena was just like you and me. She ate organic, bought most of her food from the the farmer’s market and exercised regularly, but a few days after her 29th birthday, everything changed for her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

You may have seen her story on refinery29 here and here. If you did, much like myself, you probably cried a bit. But no matter how bad I think my day is, when I read Dena’s blog I’m not only humbled but I’m inspired. She is so upbeat and positive that it’s utterly contagious.


That’s why I’m reaching out here and hoping to use my blogging powers for good. It turns out that even with insurance cancer is REALLY expensive. Imagine not being able to work and fighting this battle. I can’t. So please, if you can, donate. Even if you can’t donate, would you please pass this along? Every little bit helps and I know that Dena would appreciate it more than any of us could ever understand.


  1. says

    Going to read her story now- I hate hearing stories like this!! Why do young people who do everything right have to get cancer?! Thanks for sharing

  2. says

    done and done. thank you for sharing – i hadn’t seen the R29 articles… she is inspiring and providing such a great reminder that you can make the most of any situation.

  3. says

    its a total shock to the system when it hits this close to home. it makes you much more aware of your own mortality and how not to take life for granted. I had a friend who was very similar, although, her outcome ended quickly and tragically. it’s great that you shared Dena’s story!

  4. La Chapstick Fanatique says

    my step-mom has had cancer three times and god do insurance companies piss me off. i can’t believe that we live in a society where people who could BE DYING can’t get affordable health care – especially when they have been paying into insurance.

    i will donate. and i will put this on my sunday links.



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