Aloha and welcome to sometimes I blog where, you guessed it, sometimes I blog.

I currently live in NYC with my boyfriend and some plants that I might not be able to keep alive.

Things I enjoy (in no particular order): naps, tea (David’s Tea to be specific), picnics in the park, walks as long as they aren’t too long, wearing sneakers, good hair days, people who are funny, an organized kitchen, going to sleep early, straws in my drinks, mason jars, baked goods, a clean sink, fresh flowers, clean sheets (who doesn’t?), when I can actually find things in my closet

Things I don’t enjoy: getting up early, when my hair is frizzy, when I can’t figure out what to wear, walking home in a monsoon, walking home in oppressive heat, walking home when it’s snowing IN MY EYES, people who don’t read something before asking a question, people who carry golf umbrellas when it rains in NYC, double strollers in NYC that are wide (you don’t own the sidewalk)

Here you’ll find all the things that I enjoy or don’t enjoy, for that matter. Sit, back, relax and prepare to be entertained!