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Yesterday, I tweeted something to this effect because lately I’ve had a lot of things put into perspective for me. If you missed it, you should read about Dena the next time you feel like you need to check yourself. I’m not saying that I think you need to, but I am saying that sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

A lot of the time as bloggers there is a lot of pressure put on you to be perfect all the time and that’s impossible. Also, many of us don’t tell you everything we have going on in our lives because most of the time, our private lives are just that, private.

This isn’t going to become me, sitting here telling you to be a better person or pretend that I’m some sort of saint, because I’m not. I just feel like people go around assuming a lot of things about others. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; no one is as happy as they seem on Facebook. Life is hard and sometimes it gets the best of you, the key is to get the best of it. To not quit. To keep going. To keep fighting that good fight.




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    The blog world is definitely brutal in this aspect. Some people’s lives really do seem way to heart, stars, horeshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows… you get my drift. Thus, my favorite blogs are always the people “keepin’ it real” – can’t believe I just said that. But actually I can, because I’m a loser. Anyway, good reminder!

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    This is so true! I enjoy blogging about great things- but I also write about the crappy things I deal with, too. We all may think that our favorite bloggers lead the perfect lives, but the truth is that there is probably something going on in their life that isn’t picture-perfect.

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    I agree – generally, everyone is struggling with something. And you don’t know what it is or to what magnitude, but chances are, every single person you pass on the street has something they’re worrying about. I thought that trend of people putting Things I’m Afraid to Tell You on their blogs was good because it was a reminder that no one has a perfect life. For me, I prefer to keep my struggles to myself, either to protect those around me who don’t want to be part of my public airing of dirty laundry or because it really is something I need to work through on my own and don’t feel comfortable hearing from the peanut gallery. But that’s not to say my life is perfect – because it definitely isn’t. And that’s how it is for most people.

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    Amen. Things aren’t always peachy and it’s important to remember that and, more importantly, not criticize people when they’re not being perfect. But it’s always important to remember that things could be worse. Infinitely worse. And we can’t be ungrateful for what we do have. Important life lessons.

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    This is the first blog post I’ve read this morning, and I’m glad it was. Such a good reminder, and something that’s unfortunately easily forgotten. I always admire how real your blog feels, and love that you just do your own thing. Hope you have the happiest of Thursdays!

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    i always wonder where the world would be if we could all just be a little nicer. or if everyone compared themselves to other like 5% less and used that time to do something nice for someone else. utopia?

    also, while i’m not a grammar or style cop in any way – i read blogs b/c i want to “get to know” people, not for perfect writing – i do want to say that this is a legitimately well written post. succinct, thought provoking, and still positive. thank you:)

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    I have been thinking the same thing this week. It is so unbelievably true. I have been in several situations where suddenly I know everyone’s background and their struggles. In most of the cases the world around us has no idea what inner turmoil is going on… anyways, thank you for this post. xo

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    I completely agree with this! I’m a positive person, so I don’t feel like my blog is a place to rant about a bad day or trash somebody (mostly because I never do that in real life anyways)–in fact, I’m super turned off by blogs that involve hurtful negativity in the name of being “real” just because they’re on the Internet and feel more “anonymous.” That being said, there is something really nice about spilling your guts as a blogger–about the struggles of a twenty-something living in the city and feeling broke, about being nervous about finding the “one” etc…I try to incorporate posts like that for people to relate to, if only so I feel less alone!

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    This is so true. It’s hard with facebook and blogging to not just think that everyone is perfect or to feel the need to only show the perfect parts of our lives. I try my best to give a balance, but sometimes its just easier to talk about the fluffy stuff

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    And this is why I adore you! Your straight up fresh approach. I posted something very similar to these same words last week. I could not agree more with you! You should always measure yourself with your own stick…. not that of others!


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    Your comments are so true. Personally, I actually feel the shift in being “perfect” for bloggers change as people now see bloggers as more relevant than ever. I used to see bloggers as the unknowns who were able to comment and post to their heart’s content. There didn’t seem to be this perception of being perfect as there is now. It’s actually a bit sad to see this kind of mentality of perfection for bloggers since the platform was meant to be an open forum for people to tackle anything they wanted…to be as serious or not serious as they wanted. Don’t get me wrong…I still think it’s great that bloggers are getting recognition for their work (as many work hard and deserve praise) but, it does come it’s costs.


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