beyonce: to be or not to be

Did you hear that Beyoncé lip-synched the National Anthem at the President’s inauguration? I, for one, was full of shock, awe and overall disgust that quickly turned into resentment, then hatred and then I was sobbing uncontrollably at my desk. Oh wait, no I wasn’t. I actually was not shocked in the least to hear about this. And how could anyone be? Is this not like SOP (standard operating procedure) for these people?

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In case any of you actually wanted my opinion on the matter, I’ll give it to you. I assume since you’re still reading this you either think I’m full of it or know I’m always right. Either way, glad you’re here. Moving on…

Is anyone NOT still pissed off about all the Destiny’s Child drama? I know I am. These are wounds that not even time can heal. Honestly, I could not care less if she lip-synched, has a pet leprechaun or is actually a man. What I do care about is knowing if you can pay my bills, my telephone bills and then maybe we can chill. That’s what is on my mind. Every time I see Beyoncé, this is what I think of. Quite frankly, she broke my heart and Kelly Rowland’s also. We won’t ever forgive her. Ever.


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    I’m not surprised at all that she lip-synced (if she indeed did)- I’m not a huge Beyonce fan and I’ve witnessed her lip-sync more times that I can count. Destiny’s Child was a huge part of my life growing up (my friend and I did a karaoke contest to “Say My Name” with choreographed dance moves, obviously) so this whole reunion thing is blowing my mind.

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    I heard Destiny’s Child was going to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show, along with Miss Thang. More lip-syncing! Score! Beyonce’s hair sure looked good though. I wish I could get my curls to do that.

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    Oh my gosh I’m glad I’m not the only one who still loves some old school Destiny’s Child. It’s one of those things I like to put on when I’m getting ready to go out for a girls night! I’m dying a little to know what they have up their sleeves for this “comeback”!

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    I watched it live and I did NOT think it looked like she was lip synching but who knows. Plus, after that initial statement was released saying she pre-recorded it the night before, the US Marine band released yet another statement saying none of them, including the person who released the initial statement, was actually in a position to know whether or not the performance was pre-recorded or live. But here’s my opinion – WHO CARES? She did in fact sing the song whether it was the night before or that morning and she was singing going to be singing live -with a band that she had no time to practice with- at an inauguration being watched by literally millions of people. Obvi she’d want to play it safe and not eff it up for the Pres. Also, Yo Yo Ma didn’t actually play live at the 2009 Inauguration because of the freezing temps and no one said a word about that…

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    how is this news…I mean really. But really I do want to know did she have the baby or not, bc I still can’t wrap my head around if it was true or not. LOL

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    I also heard Destiny’s Child is comin’ out with another album. But I don’t know if it’ll be AS good as they once were. We shall see. But I mean, if people are actually shocked by Beyonce lip synching they need a swift kick of reality.

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