holiday gift guide: for me



marled top // sequin skirt // sunglasses // bag // blouse // flats // wool bomber jacket // leather leggings

Did you think I would do gift guides and not one for myself? Get out of town. There are a few ridiculous things on this list but isn’t that the point of making one? That’s what I thought. But there are also some good ideas on here for that person who is the hardest to shop for ever. I think I might be this person. Might. I’ve also included more ideas below. And since it’s freezing here, these sneakers are amazing and any gal would love to have them. Including myself.

Don’t forget to go watch me act (or try to) in today’s episode of Pinched!

ALSO…today is my Mom’s birthday, guys! Happy Birthday, Mom. You don’t look a day over 35.


It’s a throwback Thursday! Also, I have no idea who took this picture but I know they did an awful job. Not everyone was looking in the same place, my grandpa’s head got cut off, I’m trying to steal my grandma’s drink. Ridiculous. Obviously my mom is not the woman who I am sitting on (so we’re all clear).

outfit: buffalo check

I think I bought this coat back in 2010 and then promptly forgot it existed. A coat such as this is not necessary in California and since I was living there at the time, I didn’t wear it. A few weeks ago when I was getting my winter coats out I was like “holy crap”. Like did I actually buy something and then keep it? Did this happen? Did I really buy a peplum coat years ago. I was so ahead of the trends. Ha.

outfit: buffalo check |

coat – tracy reece (old) // sweater // jeans // sneakers // bag – tory burch (old) // sunglasses

outfit: buffalo check |

outfit: buffalo check |

I know it’s a total jerk thing to post a coat that you cannot buy. Lucky for you, I’m not being a douche today. Below I’ve rounded up a few similar coats that I think would be just as awesome. I almost bought the J.Crew one and I’m sort of happy I didn’t because wouldn’t it be silly to have two coats that are basically the same? Of course it wouldn’t be! But I keep telling myself it would.

Also, people, please head on over to the Pinched YouTube channel and peep today’s episode!

holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers


like & dislike stamps // necklace // gloves // hat // baggu bag // metro card wallet // animal magnets // WTF pencils // birthday book // wine tote // tablet case // monogrammed pouch // julep polish // eyelash curler

For the grand finale of the First Annual With a CH gift guides, I present to you the Stuffers of the Stockings or stocking stuffers as they’re more casually known. I used to live for my stocking because along with being stuffed to the brim with candy and free office supplies my dad pinched from the office, there was some good ish in there. Most recently, money. But that’s not the point. It’s a fun thing because you can throw all kinds of stuff in there and NOT WRAP A DAMN THING. Right? You got me?

Also, I feel like stockings are more for girls than guys. What do you put in a guys stocking? Condoms? Kidding. But like, really? My brother always gets Chipotle gift cards. So like that? Whatever. Beef jerky? I don’t know. It also doesn’t matter. That eyelash curler is solid gold, no pun intended. Also, I have those like and dislike stamps and although I was gifted them (and by gifted I mean my coworker was like ‘you want these?’) I would have paid money for them. They are perfect for the workplace. Any stocking will love them.

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outfit: fatigue green

It’s winter in NYC but it is summer in my office. All. The. Time. What does this mean? That I need to wear dresses to work, otherwise I am totally overdressed and not in the fashionable way. In the “oh my god, it is so hot, I’m going to pass out” way. Ya know?

outfit: fatigue green

coat // dress (similar)  // vest c/o // boots // sunglasses c/o 

Layering is my new best friend. Also, this coat is my new best friend. Winter is a serious thing in NYC and I’m not playing games. Luckily this coat is so incredibly warm and really, really good looking. Tall boots are a must when wearing tights. The least amount of leg exposed to “the elements” the better.

outfit: fatigue green

outfit: fatigue green

outfit: fatigue green

Happy Hump Day, all. Still looking for the perfect gifts for the humans on your list? Be sure to check out my gift guides!

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