cleaning products: bathroom edition

I said I would split up the cleaning products and that I have. Today we’re talking bathrooms, people. I cannot tell you how much I hate cleaning pee off the floor. I hate, hate, hate cleaning the bathroom more than anything. The shower is so annoying and who put tile everywhere!? Whose idea was that? Obviously a man who didn’t have to clean the bathroom!

starter kit // mirrors // wipes

The starter kit is a great idea. Why? Beacuse you need all three of those products. The daily shower cleaner is a big life saver if you have tile showers like we do. That tiled shower is the bane of my existence and this has definitely lessened the blow. The toilet cleaner is one of the best and this spray literally does it all. I love it. The glass and surface cleaner isn’t just for the bathroom, but you can’t clean the mirrors with the toilet cleaner so get this. And the wipes? OMG. I love these wipes. They’re flushable and so awesome for wiping up that bit of conditioner you didn’t feel like rinsing off the shower wall or the messy knobs on the sink. They are the greatest.

I make no bones about it, I love method. I really do. Their products smell amazing for cleaning products and are at a great price point. On my kitchen post a lot of people commented about loving Meyers and while I think Meyers smells amazing, I think the prices are akin to highway robbery. So I choose method because I am not a millionaire and I really want my Rag + Bone booties, okay?

If you missed part 1, go back and see my cleaning picks for the kitchen!

cleaning products: kitchen edition

My guest post for Grace this week got some people asking me about my natural cleaning products. Instead of writing a really freaking long post that you won’t even read, I decided to split it into rooms. I think this makes me most sense.

I try to keep it simple, especially in the kitchen, because sometimes I am lazy. Sometimes is code for most times so if I had too many steps, it would not happen.

all natural cleaning productsdishes // counter tops // everything else

This is the best dish soap next to Dawn and since I don’t use Dawn or even look at it with a side eye, we use this. It is good. you should use it. I may or may not be a germaphobe so I love that this method cleaner is¬†antibacterial¬† I use this shiz all over the counter tops and it works well to clean the stove because it cuts grease. As far as other surfaces (cabinets, coffee makers, oven doors, dishwasher doors, toaster ovens) are concerned, I use the all purpose cleaner.

See, its not so bad. Right? If nothing else, just use the green cleaners because they smell better and have prettier packaging.