wise words

Sometimes, rap lyrics speak to me. Okay, who are we kidding. All the time, rap lyrics speak to me. A current oldie but goodie is Juicy by the one and only Biggie Smalls. Because we all need a reminder that we can sip champagne when we thirst-ay.

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thank you.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that everyone that comes into your life has a purpose. There are some days that I think that I’ve outgrown blogging, that its something I don’t have time for anymore and then something like this, this and this (to name a few) happens and I am so incredibly inspired by the blogging community.

You guys, I honestly cannot thank you enough for the kindness that you’ve shown in regards to this post. I am 100% blown away. Putting Dena’s story up here was the least I could do and I thought maybe someone would donate but I never in my wildest dreams thought that so many of you would share her story and donate. Words can’t even describe how happy all of your comments, tweets, emails and texts have meant to me and I know they mean even more to Dena.

I needed this. A lot. And I just wanted to thank you all, so very much, for everything. For always.

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be kind

Yesterday, I tweeted something to this effect because lately I’ve had a lot of things put into perspective for me. If you missed it, you should read about Dena the next time you feel like you need to check yourself. I’m not saying that I think you need to, but I am saying that sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

A lot of the time as bloggers there is a lot of pressure put on you to be perfect all the time and that’s impossible. Also, many of us don’t tell you everything we have going on in our lives because most of the time, our private lives are just that, private.

This isn’t going to become me, sitting here telling you to be a better person or pretend that I’m some sort of saint, because I’m not. I just feel like people go around assuming a lot of things about others. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; no one is as happy as they seem on Facebook. Life is hard and sometimes it gets the best of you, the key is to get the best of it. To not quit. To keep going. To keep fighting that good fight.

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a big favor

***please, everyone, read this post***

I apologize in advance for the turn to serious town but I have a favor to ask of you. Dena was just like you and me. She ate organic, bought most of her food from the the farmer’s market and exercised regularly, but a few days after her 29th birthday, everything changed for her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

You may have seen her story on refinery29 here and here. If you did, much like myself, you probably cried a bit. But no matter how bad I think my day is, when I read Dena’s blog I’m not only humbled but I’m inspired. She is so upbeat and positive that it’s utterly contagious.


That’s why I’m reaching out here and hoping to use my blogging powers for good. It turns out that even with insurance cancer is REALLY expensive. Imagine not being able to work and fighting this battle. I can’t. So please, if you can, donate. Even if you can’t donate, would you please pass this along? Every little bit helps and I know that Dena would appreciate it more than any of us could ever understand.