well, hello there!

If you’re reading this, you are actually reading it and not hallucinating. This is the longest blogging break I have ever taken, clocking in at well over a year, but life happened. I feel badly for neglecting this space, but to be honest, I had to prioritize.

So much has changed since my last post. Basically, everything in my life has changed since my last post. We moved…to Kansas City and we’ve almost been here a year, if you can believe that. I had to buy a car, and I got a new job in an entirely different field. We bought a house…online (more on that to come later). There has been a lot of change, which is something that I’m not the best at. If I’m being honest, which I am around here, I am terrible at it.

nelson atkins museum kansas city

I have missed this community more than anything and hope you all will still have me. I plan on being the same blogger I was before, only now with a complete home renovation on deck and home base in the Midwest.