closet chocolates.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Other times, you just want to hide in your closet and eat some chocolate (please see photo below circa 2006). I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking…uh…Christin…what does you having a issue with candy have do to with me? Everything, that’s what.

closet chocolates


I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another blogger with a picture of themselves in a closet, eating a chocolate bar, wearing a Lynard Skynard tee with True Religion jeans. Because, honestly, most people just aren’t that cool. Also, I think it would be harder to find a blogger who would, in turn, post said picture on their blog. Read talk: most people really care what other people think of them. Now you’re in luck because I would never forgo a laugh at anyone’s expense, especially my own.

So I hope you enjoyed this ridiculous photo of me, stone cold sober. Have a great Wednesday, ya jerks!


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    LOVE! And this is why we are friends, I need to dig in my memory boxes to find some jems – I’d think you’d love bc I’ve done crap like this!!!

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    I’ve totally hidden in the closet to eat chocolates. Like, full out pigged out on them in my freshman year dorm room closet because I didn’t want to share with my roommates (but I was so uncool at the time, I def did not wear a Lynard Skynard tee). Doesn’t get much ‘Ms. Piggy’ than that…

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