exshoes me?

Last week while walking from Physical Therapy to my limousine (a.k.a the subway), I saw these in the window of the Adidas store and I wanted to run inside and purchase them on the spot. But I didn’t, mostly because I really wanted to get home and get sofa-side.

So naturally, a few days later I looked them up and noticed a ridiculous detail. A tail. No shit. These shoes have a tail.


I really wanted them. They’re furry and cheetah but…with a tail.

I can’t with the tail.
 What do you think? I was thinking maybe I could hack it off?


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    A good idea gone bad…they went too over the top for me; a limited buyer pool I would think!

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

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    prada has flames coming out the rears of their shoes – why not a tail…if you do get I would suggest purrrring at people when they give you odd looks – but then again it’s nyc, no flinches at this stuff :)

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    Stop it. STOP. IT. They’d make for some great subway talk, that’s for sure. But yes, you could totally hack off the tail and still have baller leopard shoes.

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    When I saw the picture, my first reaction was “Hack off the tail – good to go.”

    I’ve seen some pretty “unique” individuals (to put it lightly) on the subway so if you decide to rock the cheetah tails, I highly doubt it would turn heads, LOL! Personally, though, I’d just cut it off and go with it.

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    hahahaha that tail is hilarious. It’s too much. idk – might be hard to hack off? Maybe you could see if they’d cut the tail off and give you a discount?

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