for all of my money

I have had the same wallet since 2006. Yes, I have no shame. Well my beloved wallet has seen better days and the clasp that keeps it closed is no longer working so it looks like I’m in the market, as it were.

Rag & Bone, Comme des Garçons, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Kate Spade

I love all of these. What I love more? ZIPPERS. So maybe the zipper will break but it won’t burst open and my change won’t go everywhere. That shit is annoying.

I’m really leaning toward the Commes des Garçons or McQ. What do you think?


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    Personally lovelove the red – I like a wallet that stands out in a bag, and it’s a really classic look if you’re planning on keeping this one for another 6 years :)

    I had my last wallet for FOREVER and it was a stupid Target wallet, but it held everything, and it was metallic, and perfect. Still haven’t found one that compares since…so sad.

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