hungry like the wolf

Can we, if not for a hot second, discuss the lack of wolf-printed clothing available at the moment? Even wolf-themed jewels? There are foxes running amuck but no wolves?

You know what I call this? Discrimination. You know who isn’t discriminating against us wolves? McQ. He’s got our back from the grave. RIP, Alexander.

I do not care what you say, I need this scarf in my life on the asap. ASAP I SAY! 
Now, you might think I’m crazy or whatever. I don’t care what you think and let me tell you this, friends, if your last name was Schindewolf, I think you’d be singing a different tune. 
I make it my charge in life to acquire as much wolf-printed, themed, etc. shenanigans as I can. You’re either going to be for me or against me and I don’t think you should be against me 😉


  1. says

    Aggressive scarf but I believe only someone with wolf in their last name could wear it. Current Mizzou student! minus journalism major. Chat with me about your fav timez!

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