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If there is one thing you hear around my apartment a lot it would be “create content, drive traffic”. I tell you this to tell you something else, please for the love of all that is fucking holy, stop cluttering my internet with lame ass content.

There, I said it.


 I get it, you’re tired or you don’t want to post. We all mail it in on the blog front from time to time. But when you consistently do it, you’re insulting your readers and embarrassing yourself.

This is an age that has never been seen before. An age where there are more blogs than ever and if you want to stand out, you must have stand out content. Don’t do a recipe post and take craptastic, unappetizing photos with your shitty camera. It’s insulting to all the hard working bloggers out there that plan out every shot and make sure the photos are great.

Also, the pinterest posts? Enough. Stop with that. It’s stale.

So when you have a post and you think it sucks, it probably does. If you don’t feel like posting, don’t. If you’re too tired, that’s fine. Just don’t insult us all by posting a picture of a tee shirt and acting like you discovered America with Columbus.


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    I’m totally guilty of this, too, but I try to only let it happen once in a while. If I notice my posts have been craptastic, I try to step it up a notch.

    You know where I especially hate this phenomenon? Instagram. I am definitely guilty of instagramming mundane things but it crosses the line when my feed is filled with 20,000 pictures of someone’s child eating cheerios. There should be a GOMI for Get Off My Instagram. Maybe we should start it?

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    PERFECTLY said. My goat gets got when people just post pinterest photos–and then suddenly get a lot of traffic because they’re using someone else’s content. Maybe it’s smart, but it’s not right. Right? Anywho, THANK YOU! xoxo {av}

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    Christinnnn…. I just laughed my ass off. Truth, girl, truth. Especially on the Pinterest post thing. I WISH THEY WOULD STOP.

    (although… I am not completely guilt free on the filler content… but I do try my hardest to avoid it.)

    I guess my thing is, your blog is your blog. It’s your creative outlet, so blog about whatever the heck you want to blog about! But don’t blog about whatever the heck you want to blog about (read: boring, unoriginal shit) and then whine about not having an audience or try really hard to market yourself.

    Ok, rant over.

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    just caught up on all of your posts from the past two weeks! loved all of them…. of course this one the most! I ALWAYS know I can get original content at with a CH… :)

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