midas touch

It is no secret that I live in neutrals. Gold is one of my favorite ways to add interest to an otherwise plain look. Since the holidays are just around the corner, gold becomes an easy go-to when you need to be festive.

dress// watch // flats // blouse

As you read this, I’m more than likely on my way to L.A. to spend some much needed time with mi familia. I tell you this so you won’t be freaked out when I’m not instagramming random NYC crap later on.


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    Hi Lovely! These picks are gorg! Naturally I just tried on these kate spade flats YESTERDAY at Nord Rack (there’s two here now) if you come back soon I might introduce you to managers (aka new besties) and we can shop the new shipments when they come in.

    Also, we need to G Chat this week. Love your face!

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