my new hero.

I have confessed my hatred for America’s Whore Sweetheart before so I don’t feel the need to do it again. However, because of said whore, my new hero is born.

Do we all remember Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade? Well, homegirl grew up and she’s a girl after my own heart. Own heart, I say!

My heart skipped a beat with this tweet. Someone had to say it, am I right? How does that taste, Taylor? Not good? Does it feel good to get called out as a skankopotomus on twitter? Because honestly, I’m not sure if I could have said it better myself. Suffice it to say, I think Hailie might very well be my new best friend.

And even though the song may be catchy, it’s no “Lose Yourself” by Eminem or even “Call me Maybe” and dare I say that it’s no “Party in the USA”? Oh, I dare to. Because like, it’s just so exhausting.

Maybe more than that, she cannot stop whoring around. Was she not just dating that high schooler (the Kennedy) and now she’s onto a One Direction member? Taylor, you’re kind of a slut. You aren’t fooling anyone with that red lipstick, you harlot.

I yearn for the days that she sang Tim McGraw and had no boyfriends. Unfortunately, she seems to be bouncing back from relationships faster than Kim Kardashian and that is just not okay.

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    Oh my god! I love her now too. How true is all of the stuff that she tweeted!? I miss “TIM MCGRAW” and “OUR SONG” days too… that was when I actually didn’t flip the station whenever T. Swift’s voice came on. Now I can not stand her. Going to follow Hallie Mathers right now on Twitter.


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    Wow that’s Eminem’s daughter? She’s got guts. I love it. Your totally right,someone needed to say that. I’m shocked Taylor Swift can EVEN GET A BOYFRIEND because I’m sure they would cringe every time the radio came on and a new taylor swift song is announced or they would spend hours overanalyzing it because they wore a green shirt one day and that’s what the guy in the song wore, hehe.=P

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    Hahaha I Love this and now I have to go follow Eminen’s daughter on twitter ASAP! I completely agree- why oh why does she keep jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend?! The last one and current one are both 18 and she is 22! I think it’s time to grow up!
    I’m also confused as to why guys date her- don’t they know they are just song writing material and she’s going to air your dirty laundry on her next platinum album for teeny boopers everywhere to sing along to.

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    Ugh, eminem’s daughter is just jealous. There’s a huge army of new taylor-haters who literally only have an opinion because they’re deluded 1D fans who genuinely think she is their competition.

    Anyway, I take issue with the blatant slut-shaming happening in this post. Taylor can date whoever she wants, it’s not your job (or my job or anyone’s job) to judge her. She’s 22 for christ’s sake. Of course she’s going to date around.

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    Wait first of all HAILIE JADE! She’s so big. Where has the time gone? And as much as I love me some T.Swift music, she needs to stop it with the boys and men and whoever. But more annoying, if it were some other celebrity dating around like this EVERYONE would be up in her shit. But not Taylor. Oh no. Never Taylor. SIGH.

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    I mean can we really blame here… if I could get all these people, maybe I would? Hard to imagine I guess since it’s so damn far fetched. But ya, I would not be doing it for song inspiration, that’s for damn sure.

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    This makes me so happy. For years I’ve always gone on rants about how fake TSwift is while my friends just stare at me blankly (seriously calm down woman, you aren’t THAT shocked you won yet another award). So glad you feel the same way.

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