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What is with this new name and what is a ch?
Well, dear readers, I will explain. You see, when your parents have a disagreement about how your name should be spelled and your mother is outnumbered 2 to 1 you end up with Christin instead of Kristen. This means that your entire life you will end up saying this to people “no its Christin, with a c.h.”
Welcome to my life. 
I figure since this is my blog and it’s about whatever I want it to be about, the name should be about me. Deal with it. 
But seriously, what do you all think?



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    I totally dig it. I get it especially, because I always say, “No, it’s Krissy with a K.” We’re name-soul-sisters. Just sayin’. On another note, I love that the seafoam is still dashed through the design.

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    I love it! Love, love love. Especially bc it’s something you’ve had to deal with your whole life. And now I’m going to have to have you teach me how to redirect everything if I ever get around to changing mine.

    Ps you HAVE to make that pinterest salmon. So so good.


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    I am new to these parts, so not sure what your old name was, but I love it! It reminds me of my childhood fave Anne with an E from Anne of Green Gables. And Danielle just did my blog too…isn’t she fab? Excited to follow you!

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    I love the new name. It’s unique and it personally fits the author.

    I’ve dealt with this issue my entire life…I’ve always had to say, “No, my name isn’t Tina. Or Tara. No, it’s not a shortened version of anything. Just Tia. No, not like the drink. My name isn’t Tea. It’s Tia. That ‘I’ is important, you should take note of it.”

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    I don’t know why parents loved this name so damn much. There needs to be one universal spelling. How many times to you get “ChristEn” still? I thought I had it bad enough with the -in, but add that CH in there and you’re done.

    I love the blog name though :)

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