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I have been thinking about writing a post like this for a long time. I can’t exactly pinpoint when my feelings about this blog changed, but they have. A lot of shit went down in 2013, I mean, a lot. I changed jobs, my boyfriend changed jobs, I was actually ill the entire year (and when I think about that, it makes me want to cry), I had open heart surgery #2, and I struggled to keep up with this blog.

I used to love blogging, and spending my weekends dedicated to making content for you all, but ever since July (when I had my chest sawed open) my priorities have definitely changed. I am not a girl who can stay up all night working on blog things. I cannot burn the midnight oil to make a collage. I go to bed before 10pm. And I’m still not fully recovered from my surgery.

The emotional trauma of the surgery still haunts me, and here we are, 6 months later and I’m not even recovered yet. That in and of itself, is plenty for me to deal with and is obviously stressful. The thought of blogging and stressing about making sure I comment on enough blogs, post to Instagram x times daily, etc. makes me want to sit down and cry. Trust me, I’m not telling you this to be dramatic or to drum up any sympathy, at all. I want you all to understand. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to know when enough is enough.

Maybe I’ll blog again. Perhaps I’ll move strictly to vlogging because I really do love that, and I think you all do as well (I could be wrong here, so let me know). I might come back as a vlogging food blog, who knows!? But for right now, what’s best for me, my health and my happiness is to step away from this blog. I didn’t make this decision rashly, I cried a lot (crazy, I know) over this decision and that’s how I knew it was time. Blogging shouldn’t feel like an obligation and I shouldn’t tie my self-worth up in my blog stats (WTF). I have a full-time job that I actually love, an apartment that is mostly clean, a family that loves me, and an amazing boyfriend and right now, that’s all I need.

What I’m not doing? Disappearing from the internet completely because well, I’m not a crazy person! You can follow along in my day-to-day on pinterest, instagram and twitter if you’d like.


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    Wow, what a year you had. Sending you lots of healing thoughts.

    I stepped away from blogging for over a year and I don’t regret it one bit. I really needed to do it for many of the same reasons you listed.

    I’ve recently started blogging again and it feels great but should I ever feel bogged down by it again, I’d have no hesitation in stepping away again.

    You have to do what’s best for you and only you.

  2. Fro says

    I will miss you on this blog, but I´m glad you are doing what is best for you! It`s a good skill to have to be able to recognize when you need to let go of something. All the best!

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    I admire you and your courage so much — so proud of you for standing up for yourself and what’s best for you. I’ll miss your blogging lots, I hope that your time away is healing and restful. Thinking of you! xoxo

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    :( while I’m sad I don’t get to read your awesome content consistently anymore, I’m really happy that you are making this decision for yourself and for your sanity and health. Won’t stop following you – come back if you ever feel like it, girly! Best wishes.

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    I think you’re really smart to know you need to step back. I don’t care what anyone says–you CAN’T do it all! Not without either going crazy or doing everything half-assed. As Ron Swanson says “do one thing whole assed.” I guess what I mean is, blogging is just a hobby (even for people who make a living off it), so just do you. You’ve been through a lot and you need time to figure out your next phase of life. And if it’s vlogging you wanna get into, well…clearly i’m SUPER into that!

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    Go you! XOXOXOXOX I’m soo happy I met you through blogging and that I now call you my friend!!! This post proves you are exponentially stronger than you think! some more XOXOXOX’s!

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    For the record, YOU WILL BE MISSED.
    Your blog has always been my favorites, whether or not you can keep up with blogging or commenting every day. It really is okay if you can’t. I’ve also recently come to the conclusion that I can’t do it all, and I’m still blogging but doing it when I want too.

    Do what is right for you, take care of yourself, and take the time to live. You know, really live. :)

    I really do hope you stick around though, whether it’s through your blog, instagram, or vlogging. :)


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    I’ll miss you! Love this post and couldn’t agree more. First and foremost, your health and happiness is the most important but I share a lot of the same mixed emotions about it all. i think priorities change as we get a little ‘older’ and life takes on a lot more dimensions. Good for you! Thinking of you and hope you continue to recover quickly..

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    sad to see you go, but it’s good that you’ve realized what’s right for you. i think new york city propels within us this desire for MORE MORE MORE, and it’s a really hard thing to do to take a step back and say, i don’t want to do more. i don’t need more. i’m happy right where i am. there’s nothing better than getting out there and LIVING your life, off the internet. kudos to you, girl.

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    I had a feeling this was coming. I’m so sorry that last year was so tough, but no blog should feel like an obligation and it’s good that you can recognize that. I’m all for letting go of the dead weight, even if it’s hard. I hope that you do vlog at some point, but most importantly, take care of yourself. We must meet up in NYC next time I’m out. Maybe peonies season?

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    I feel you girlfriend. I struggle with this on an ongoing basis and totally respect your decision to take a break/step away. blogging puts so much unnecessary pressure on us and it sucks when it starts to feel like homework or a chore.

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    Sad! But totally understandable & good for you for putting your foot down when enough’s enough. I still don’t understand how people have enough time to create constant content unless it’s their full time job & for those people, how they make a living wage is a complete mystery to me. It’s been a big year for you! Glad to hear your job’s going well!

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    I’m so sad to see your refreshing voice go, but at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you. It’s been a big year for you, and you more than deserve some time to get things in order–anything that has become this stressful for you doesn’t have a place. Thinking of you!

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    I admire that you recognize the need to take a step back. And as wonderful as blogging and this community is, our real lives; the people we love, and our health, is what really matters. I’ll be following along on Twitter and Instagram! Wishing you health and happiness :)

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    but but but….wah! no no I understand but know you will be missed by be bc I seriously LOL at you all the time. But ya know what good thing we are FB friends. that is so lame i just said that…whatever!

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    I’ll miss reading your posts, but I’m really glad to see that you’re putting yourself first, especially after all that you have been going through. I really hope that 2014 is better for you, health-wise!

    Hope to still see you around Instagram! xo

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    Carry on girl! I think it’s best to step away when it’s time. You can always come back if you want to. Glad to hear you’re sticking around social media (because who gives that shit up these days?)! Enjoy living life!

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    Good for you, Christin! It sounds like you are making a wise, mature decision to focus on getting/staying healthy and happy. I hope 2014 makes up for all the junk you had to go through last year.

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    Christin, sometimes we have to make some tough decisions in order to be happy, and when we find the courage to do so we must feel proud of ourselves as we take the first step into living the life we want. The first step is always the hardest, but when taken, we kind of feel like the weight on our shoulders has been taken off. So I’m sure that right now, you must be feeling relieved. You’ll be missed but your health and happiness comes before any activity that doesn’t align with that ;) Enjoy the break and find what makes you happy :)

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    I heart you no matter what you do. And the great thing about this online/social media world, you don’t have to have a blog to stay in touch or share inspiration. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vlogging, bring it, babe :)

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    just came to catch up on your blog and found this note. you’ll definitely be missed but you gotta do you! i’m sure this decision was a tough one but i admire you deciding to focus on what you love.
    oh and true that on being tied up with your blgo stats – i think that’s what takes all the fun out of this whole gig.

    i’ll be following along everywhere else and here’s hoping your 2014 is filled with all kinds of happiness.

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