pineapple mojitos

Remember the pineapple infused rum that I made two weeks ago? It too is ready for consumption and what better use for rum besides a mojito? Right. There isn’t one.

I just used a totally standard mojito recipe, which is below. I added more liquor than usual because it tasted like pineapple.

Pineapple Mojito:
3 oz of pineapple infused rum
10 mint leaves
3 lime wedges
Club Soda

Muddle 10 mint leaves with one lime wedge to release essential oils in the mint then add the two other lime wedges and sugar and beat it up some more. Add the liquor and then the club soda. Boom.

You’re welcome.

You could also make a pitcher of these bad boys.


  1. says

    Look at you getting all fancy with the photo-movie thingies.

    Just yesterday I was telling Molly we should get a pineapple at the grocery store (yes, Molly the guinea pig). I’m sure we’ve got some rum on the bf’s liquor cart that needs to be put to use somehow…

  2. says

    That gif is too legit, I mean gurrrl.

    Also. I’m contemplating this infused vodka business and I just don’t think I’d have the patience. Is this sad? I don’t really know what to think of myself.

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