sweet tooth

Today is day 20 of the whole30 and I won’t lie, this hasn’t been easy for me. Guys, all I want is a mothereffing cupcake, or a piece of cake, or a cookie, or a donut. I won’t even be picky.

I’ve spent the past 20 days thinking of all the treats I’ll make once it’s done. It isn’t even that I want to eat them, but I desperately want to make something pretty. And like meat, that isn’t pretty.

s’mores cake, 14 layer cake, funfetti cupcakes

Admittadely, I am freaking obsessed with s’mores. I ate one ever single day last summer. Obviously this didn’t happen this summer. That 14 layer cake has been in my dreams for months.┬áLegitimately. I have never seen anything so spectacular. And who doesn’t love funfetti cupcakes? I’ve been dying to try this recipe.

I think I need to be checked into baking/sugar rehab. My boyfriend just told me to stop looking at pictures of cake. I will do NO such thing.

T minus 10 days until my apartment turns into a bakery. Get prepared.


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    I can’t believe you’ve made it this long! I’m proud of you – mainly because I totally understand how much will power that takes and I know I could never do it myself.

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