the real mean girl is one!

I honestly can’t believe I’ve had the follow through on this one. The Real Mean Girl is one today! One whole year old, 356 days, 8,766 hours, 525,949 seconds…you get the picture.

I am astonished that people read my blog and comment. No bullshit. Seriously. Flabbergasted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have a whole 22 followers. Hah! I kid. Even more than having people actually read the nonsense I write about, I can’t believe people think that I’m funny. Seriously. I’ll let you all in on a little secret: no one I work with thinks I’m funny. Isn’t that such a shame? I think so.


More than people actually reading and thinking I’m funny, I can’t believe that I’ve made friends. Real friends. Most of whom I’ve never even met. They are so supportive and always there when I need them. I never thought I’d gchat with people I met through blogging. But I do, daily. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky enough and Chelsea Handler will read this mess and have me on her show. Who knows?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; this blog is for you. If it weren’t for you I’m sure I would have quit long ago. Thank you.

Just for good measure, if any of you know any of the following please comment below with their contact info: Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, or Whitney Cummings.


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    Um,tell me you follow Whitney Cummings on Twitter? It’s the best! That’s my only form of ‘contact’ info I have on her. Hoping if I retweet her enough she’ll be friends with me…. come on Whit, we are like the same person. She’ll catch on one day.

    Here’s too another year of TRMG!

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    I became a follower (like…via google) just to let you know that you have lots more followers (in real life) than you have on google…

    whatever, you know what i mean.

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    People at work didn’t think I was funny either, in fact, I think they thought I was a total bitch. Then, one day, something changed and now I’m the funniest person ever. Funny.
    Happy one year!

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