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Since we’ve moved into our apartment I’ve wanted plants. But here’s the thing with living in NYC you don’t have a whole lot of space. So you get the plant then you need to get a pot and get potting soil and where the hell am I going to do all of this?

Enter, The Sill, aka god’s gift to all New Yorkers (and Brooklynites too!). I could not be more excited about this find. We’re going to have plants, guys!

the sill
all images via the sill

This idea is so brilliant that I’m pissed I didn’t think of it myself! On top of free delivery, they help you pick a plant to best suit your apartment. Genius!

If you live in NYC and want some plants, seriously, you need to visit The Sill!

Also, I’m guest posting for Julie + Lauren today over on Born & Bread, be sure to head over and see what earrings I’m dying for!


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    I just need someone to tell me what kind of plant I can’t kill.

    I managed to kill an aloe vera plant (I wish I were lying), so I’m not holding out much hope…

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