Sometimes, there is nothing better than a nice, relaxing girl’s night in and thanks to the lovely people at REMBRANDT® a few friends and myself got to have some fun.



I got an awesome kit that included Stirrings cosmo mix, the most adorable Marimekko napkins, Bunco (which is hilarious by the way), a Neutrogena mask and hand cream, Cynthia Rowley band-aids (need) and most importantly, REMBRANDT® stain dissolving strips. We played a game, watched one of my personal favorites, Bridget Jones Diary, and sipped on Cosmos and Vodka Sodas.



I definitely need to do this more often and if you haven’t tried Stirrings cocktail mixes you are missing out. They are so amazing. Do you enjoy girls night in or out more?


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    Girls nights rule. Fo sho. Especially when copious amounts of booze are involved. This is why I’m part of a book club, obviously.

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    Love girls nights in! We will usually do a craft night & everyone brings their own appetizers. Lately a girlfriend and I started “Ladies who Lunch” where we take turns picking out a restaurant we have always wanted to try too. Nice to have a mix of staying in and going out :)

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    I like girls nights in a bit more (cheaper and I don’t have to deal with creeps at bars). This post reminded me that I need to pick up some whitening strips soon!

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    I recently went to a girl’s night in cookie exchange slumber party at one of my friend’s houses and it was so much fun! We pretended like we were lil kids with our snuggies, but added some wine and Magic Mike into the mix. lol. I have never tried Stirrings mixes. For the next night in, I’ll think about it! =)

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