this post will save your life

The title of this post is in no way misleading, nor is it false. This post will, in fact, save your life.


 I speak on behalf of all bloggers who proof-read and spell check their post when I say there is nothing more fucking annoying than reading blogs, the same blogs, that have spelling and grammar errors over and over.

Cheveron is not correct, neither is macaroon (when referring to the French pastry). Also your is possessive. An example: Are those your boots? While you’re is a contraction for you are. An example: You’re coming with us, right? See, it’s not so hard.

Another thing. There, their and they’re. I’m going to make this super simple, okay? I’m not going to go into the types of speech and confuse you with pronouns, etc.
 – Are you going over there? PLACE
 – Is that theirs? POSSESSIVE
 – Oh yea, they’re totally coming with. CONTRACTION FOR THEY ARE

Honestly, I cannot stress how important this is especially if you are at the point (think you’re at the point) of working with brands. You need to be polished, not perfect, but know what the hell is up. No one wants to see a site full of errors and worse, spelling BRAND NAMES incorrectly or pronouncing them incorrectly. That is just shameful. There is no excuse when you can simply google the brand or ask a few blogging friends!

In addition, may I say, that when you email someone you should also proofread that shit. The next person that says “Hey Christine” is going to get a legitimate ass kicking.


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    Thank you. THANK YOU. My inner grammar freak is so happy about this. Who are we kidding? I’m very open about my grammar freak-ness.

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    You know, I am making an effort to be less of a dick to people this year, but I just can’t help judging a person on their intellect based on the quality of their grammar and spelling in blog posts. If you are trying to write for a living, proofread for crying out loud. Or if you’re an idiot and don’t know the difference between their/they’re/there, have your boyfriend proofread. Or your mom, or someone!

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    Yes, yes, YES. Thank you for writing this post.

    I would also add it’s/its. If you can’t say “it is,” don’t use “it’s.” So simple, why is this so difficult for people?! What’s truly annoying is there are major blogging outlets that make this mistake ALL. THE. TIME. And yet they are the ones telling people how to have a more professional blog.

    Ok, I’m off my soapbox now. It’s one of my biggest blogging pet peeves, if you couldn’t tell.

    (See also: peek/peak)

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    this post will save lives, because i’m going in on you with the ass kickings for the misuse of “your and you’re”. seriously.

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    I’m a HUGE grammar nerd/freak so I can totally relate to this post. It bothers me when I see bloggers doing it as well because a. you’re supposed to be a writer if you’re blogging. If you’re just here to post pictures of your clothes, at least make the writing that goes along with it bearable, and b. There is a website called Google. It takes 2 seconds to see which “you’re” is correct.

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    Awesome one !! i’m in love with your blog . Truly speaking my English grammar and spellings really and badly sucks , so i always Google the words before i write it down, still i make the most stupid mistakes you can possibly imagine . I Will be more careful from now on .. Really thanks for writing this post ..

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