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It’s pretty well known that I am no stranger to the cheeky graphic tee. Lest you think I just jumped on this bandwagon, slow your roll. I did not. I had them many, many moons ago. My all-time favorite being “Idaho? No, Udaho”. Recently some of my best finds have been off the beaten path. Not from Urban Outfitters, but from local shops. Enter Scoutmob Shoppe*. Have you heard of it? If not, please get with it. Their site is two fold: one is awesome local deals, think groupon but much cooler and the other is local artists, etc. It’s definitely a place where you can find very unique items and lots of awesome graphic tees.


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What can I say? I’m a sucker for funny tees that include animals. I shitzu not. If you don’t like the amazing tees above, side eye, they have many other amazing products to browse by city. Also, if you’re looking for prints, you should definitely check them out, there are a few I have my eye on!

*post sponsored by Scoutmob but all opinions are my own



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    oooh like these, especially under a chic jacket or blazer – just bought a shirt from Refinery29 with Grace Coddington on it – it’s pretty hideous but awesome at the same time.

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    i also used to have the “idaho? no u da ho” t shirt from urban… i think my parents were less than pleased that i was wearing it in high school. oh well! thanks for sharing, i haven’t heard of scoutmob before and now i’m addicted!


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