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I touched on this yesterday but I thought, what the hell, let’s share a bit of the New York City with the blogosphere. As if they don’t know about this place.

Apparently Ulysses S. Grant is buried in the Upper West Side. Or his tomb is there. Something like that. Look, I’m not this history buff here. I got an A in it always, duh, but I chose to utilize the learn and purge. I don’t have all this extra brain space for the War of 1812 and how to do calculus.

What is there? Lots of stars. Okay, not lots but enough to keep shit interesting.

I thought the front of the Memorial was quite cool. Minus the fact that it looks like every other monument thingy.

{let us have peace}
Then I found this awesome church. And have I ever mentioned that I like gargoyles? Well I do and this church had a lot of them.
And look guys, I found a friend!
That concludes today’s short & sweet history lesson.
Be sure to check on back over here tomorrow, I’m going to explain all the buzz about “the ring”.


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    I love just adventuring around. In europe especially. There are so many chapels and churches all around. I love just wandering each one is guaranteed to be uniquely beautiful. It’s almost like a fingerprint no two churches are the same. The stained glass, the gargoyles, the steeples. Beautiful. And each church/ place is special to at least someone out there. It holds a memory, a good or bad time, and a spiritual experience… coming to know themselves, or coming to know their maker.

    Ps. Your friend is adorable. I wish I could speak squirrel… I would totes be a squirel whisperer.

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    i did not know about this…upon first glance i thought this was in D.C. or something. might have to make a trip up there…because I’ve been all of two times and need to get out more often.


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