what the f wednesday…kim kardashian

Let’s talk Kim Kardashian, shall we?


Last night I watched whatever lame show it is that Kim & Kourtney have on E. My takeaway from Monday’s premiere? I like Kourtney, I want to punch Scott in the balls, I’d love to make Kim cry, Kris is an immature bitch and I’d babysit Mason fo sheezy.

There, I said it.

Honestly, whether their marriage was a publicity stunt or not is completely irrelevant. Clearly at 26 years old, he is not mature enough to be married least of all to a seriously spoiled bitch who happens to be a media whore. I’m actually embarrassed that anyone thought they would actually stay married.

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If my boyfriend, let alone husband, would purposely make a mess just to piss me off, I’d probably kill him or poison him just to the point of death so he knows who’s boss. You know? I mean, come on jackass, grow up.

I probably wouldn’t invite a Rastafarian over to my penthouse to do naked yoga, but hey, not my issue. What does he expect from her? She made a sex tape (aka porn film) with her ex boyfriend that half of the world has seen.

But if you are so ridiculous that you think you can only train for your sport in one of two towns, I’m over it. All homeboy needs is a hoop and a gym. He’s got to be kidding with this Minnesota b.s. Go ahead, make my life and move 1,000 miles away. While you’re at it, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Also, can we talk about Scott Disdick (yes, I spelled that incorrectly on purpose)? The biggest douchelord to walk the face of the planet.

This show makes me want to pull a Black Friday and pepper spray bitches.





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    Cheers, cheers, and cheers! Scott + Kris annoy the sheezy out of me. Where is my fave Mr. Kardashian, Lamar, when you need him?! Whatever faults there are of Kim’s, I think that Kris is over and beyond in how mean and critical he is to her, being that he was her HUSBAND. Geezus Christ, that’s the one person that’s meant to have your back publicly no matter what sort of bs you pull. Sure, privately maybe have a little chat, but dude he’s just so condescending to her that it makes me mad. And Scott…gross. WHY is he still allowed to play in Kardashianland?

    And I <3 Baby Mase.

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    They all make me wanna vomit… But Kim makes me want to hit babies… I don’t care how immature her guy was, she is an awful person. And come on, you are married!!! hell yeah you move to where they are. Far more famous people have followed their spouses to tiny towns, Eva longoria, nicole kidman, etc. I’m so glad I don’t watch this show. I’m angry just reading the recap. Haha. The one you like does have great style.

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