white mountains.

On Christmas Eve all the boys went for a hike. I was going to go, however, it was brought to my attention that this wouldn’t be an exploring type mission but rather a “let’s get extreme” sort of deal. We decided that I’d stay in and relax and I closed my eyes and handed my boyfriend the camera praying it would make it back in one piece. It did. The crisis was adverted.

lonely barn

In total, they were gone for about four hours. I’m no expert, but that’s about thee and a half hours longer than I’d rather be in the wilderness.


Needless to say, I was very impressed with my boyfriend’s photography skillz. Maybe one day he’ll be really good and I can trick him into taking my outfit posts. I believe that’s what they call a pipe dream.


The one picture he took of a human turned out pretty good too! Everyone wish Jared a happy belated birthday!





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    I don’t blame you, every time we go to Vail,CO my boyfriend wants to go hiking but not just regular hiking, more like leaping off boulders & making forts…So after making the mistake once I will kindly decline next time and read a book by the fire!

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    ugh i went on so many of those damn supposed to be an hour really ends up being 5 and i’m hiking in 5 feet of snow but wearing a tank top and capris b/c it was warm at the base hikes when we first started dating/travelling to CO. now the girls go to the spa and the dudes adventure. much, much better.

    were you the only girl there?

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    HEY JARED HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. No but that looks gorgeous. Though four hours is a VERY long time to be wandering in the woods in the snow. I’m not sure I would even be up for that.

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    That wilderness would pretty much keep me occupied until I get lost and die. Glad they didn’t do that though.

    Good skills boyfriend, now keep it up! And happy belated Jared!

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