my wedding venue

First of all, can I please get a round of applause for making arroz con pollo last night? I got the recipe from here and highly recommend it.

Secondly, when I skipped out on improv class, we headed to the park, Central Park, to take some photos. I knew there was a garden and I wanted to look at it but I had no idea it was the most amazing thing I ever saw. And no, I am not engaged. I repeat…not engaged.

And yes, if I ever get married, it will be here. Come hell or high water. Come hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. It will be here.

Screw you, Napa. Central Park is the Yes, I did just say that.

I dare you to find a better venue. DARE.

And here are some amazing tulips for good measure.

Hope you all are having a good week so far. I definitely am missing the amazing weather from this weekend!