that rug… + pimping myself out

Remember the rug that I got that really tied the room together?


Yea, that one. I hate it. I hate that damn rug with the fire of 1,000 suns. It’s pretty intense.

Why all the hatred? Because it sheds like a freaking chevron dog. Worse. Like a Saint Bernard in the summer. There is rug everywhere.

After a few angry tweets and a pleading email, West Elm emailed me back saying they would gladly replace the rug for me but it is on back order until April. That’s fine by me because I do not want this rug again. So I asked them for this one and said they wouldn’t even have to refund me the difference in money, that I’d take it in store credit. Yes, because I am that nice of a person. Nah, it’s mostly because I really don’t want that chevron rug.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

On to pimping myself out. Oh, don’t worry, it’s way less perverse than it sounds. I’ve got a few requests to guest post lately and I thought “why do people not think I’d want to spread my sarcastic self all over the internets even more than I already have?”. So here you have it. If you’d like to take a break or add some sass to your blog, hit me up. I have all sorts of different things I can post about that don’t involve cursing, if that isn’t ya gig.

Hope you all are having a splendid Monday. Is it Friday yet?