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I consider myself beyond aware that natural mascara is an overall “crap” category. I am also well aware that most natural brands just can’t measure up. That all changed for me a few months ago and I apologize about my tardiness on the issue but better late than never, right?

natural mascaras via http://withach.cp,


Let’s just start on the left shall we? This mascara is one of my favorite go-to’s. It’s perfect for layering or on its own when you’re looking for something natural. It’s a great lash separator. The primer is what I would like to call “god’s gift to the humans” it will make any mascara make your lashes look extra thick and long. Lights, camera, lashes is one of my favorites. It lengthens  and adds volume but not too much. Just the perfect amount. When I want to be dramatic I reach for the Korres. It builds awesome and adds the most amazing volume. I highly recommend this one. Use this with the primer and your lashes will be amazing.

Any questions?



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    A masacara that I can actually get at Sephora that you are recommending? Sold! I’ve used the basic ones like Revlon and Covergirl for years but I dunno they must have changed the formulas or something because it doesn’t last anymore and it clumps too much. I will definitely give this one a try!

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    I’ve been collecting mascaras forever, in search of the perfect one! I almost bought the third one in your picture yesterday, but went with something else. Darn! I’m thinking of doing a mascara comparison on my blog. Would you mind giving me your top 5 mascara favorites!?

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    so primer is really worth it? so hesitant to add another step to my routine… but i can’t even find a perfect dirty mascara so i feel ready to venture into natural realm! will have to try both the lights camera lashes and the korres and see… thanks!

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    Sooo apparently I’ve never heard of a lash primer… would you say both are necessary or just going with one of these mascaras will do the trick? Help a girl out! Ps- love this post, totally picking up lights,camera,action. xx

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